Golfing in New Zealand with goals instead of holes

The Game at a Glance

GolfCross goal-golf or goalf is golf with goals instead of holes and it is played with an oval ball instead of a round one. You use the same rules as golf (with a few exceptions and additions) and the same clubs - though you will not need your putter. Essentially you are still playing golf, it is simply that the target is now suspended in mid-air and every shot is pretty much going where you want it to. As they say in New Zealand: "If you play GolfCross you come closer to Tiger Woods".

However, especially in Europe and in the US golfers use the oval golf balls to improve the mostly disliked - but unfortunately important - putting. Once you are able to play the oval golf ball so that it rolls exactly over its central axis, you are pretty close to perfection. And apart from that: as a golf gift, the oval ball is just unbeatable!

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From 1 August 2022 on goods can only be shipped in a parcel. Up to now we put small quantities up to 10 balls into a large padded envelope and shipped it as a "large letter". Now postage to destinations outside Germany are as follows:

EU countries                         € 10.99 w/o tracking / 13.99 with tracking option

UK and Switzerland              € 13.99

Other European countries   € 17.99

Rest of the world                  € 17.99